Travelgrants for IUIS Bejing 2019

SSI will award up to 20 travel grants to applicants who fulfill our eligibility criteria (Member of a national society at the year of application; Master/PhD trainees and Post-doctoral fellows up to 5 “working years” after PhD; Presenting author for an accepted meeting abstract.).

Application procedure: Please apply via the IUIS website, for an EFIS/EJI Travel Award

If you are not successful for this award, then your application will be transferred to SSI.
Note that there are different eligibility requirements for EFIS/EJI and SSI awards. If you fulfill the SSI requirements (< 5yrs post-PhD) but not EFIS (older than 35), then submit via the IUIS/EFIS system anyway, and your application will be passed on to SSI.
The EFIS/EJI awards will be announced by July 1, and the SSI awards will be announced immediately afterwards, latest July 5.