• Travelgrants for IUIS Bejing 2019
    SSI will award up to 20 travel grants to applicants who fulfill our eligibility criteria (Member of a national society...
  • International Congress of Immunology, Beijing 2019
    IUIS 2019 Beijing, the 17th International Congress of Immunology, is the leading international event for the immunology community. In 2019, it will take place in Beijing from 19th to 23rd October. IUIS 2019 Beijing brings together over 5,000 experts from all over the world, including international leaders at the forefront of the discipline in basic immunology and clinical translation....
  • SSI General Assembly for 2019
    Dear all, Please note that the SSI General Assembly for 2019 will take place in Geilo the 5th of April between 18-19. Read more to see the agenda....
  • SSI during ECI
    SSI´s booth during the ECI congress, 2-5 September in Amsterdam....
  • Record increase of SSI members
    SSI reached almost 1400 members 2017. This was an increase with almost 300 members from 2016....
  • Response from the British Society for Immunology on BREXIT
    BSI´s former President Professor Peter Openshaw regarding the decision reached by the people of the United Kingdom in the recent referendum on UK´s membership of the European Union.

    Commenting on the referendum decision for the UK to leave the European Union, Professor Peter Openshaw, President of the British Society for Immunology (BSI), said:

    “The announcement that the UK has voted to leave the European Union reflects public opinion, based on many valid concerns. However, immunology shares with other branches of science an in-built internationalism that must continue to thrive, whatever the political climate"

    ​Read more here...
  • Scand J Immunol – Impact Factor 2017
    The Scandinavian Journal of Immunology increased its impactor factor for 2017 to 2.314 from 2.256 (2016). The journal conitinues its work...

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