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Next monday, join the @CYImmunologists for their first online seminar 📺

Deatils below

Happy new year from young immunologists across Europe! @CYImmunologists @FCYImmuno @YI_dgfi @syis_ecr @YI_TSI @EarlyImmunology @NImmunologists @EFIS_Immunology @SiicaI @iuis_online @sfiimmunologie @dgfi_org @society_belgian @britsocimm @SEinmunologia @yi_SSI @GrupoJovenSEI

As a producer for a science radio show, I am always looking for exciting experts to interview and I want to build a bank of banging sci-commers

If you are (or know of) an expert on something sciencey and want to share your knowledge on the air waves, lemme know! 📡

Can you call yourself an #immunologist if you have never done any #flowcytometry?! 😉

@EurJImmunol have put together a comprehensive set of guidelines/considerations for flow exps to determine phenotype & function of ALL SORTS of subsets - check it out

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